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Our goal is to improve Muslims' lives by providing a simple and affordable way for kids and adults to study the Quran online at home. Muslims who have learned Tajweed and Tarteel are most happy with the lessons of the Quran because they have a thorough knowledge of the verses.

Due to the accessibility of interactive online learning choices, we have committed ourselves to creating the most efficient ways to teach students how to read and recite the Quran properly. The immense joy of devotion to the Quran will be brought into your home by our highly qualified and experienced teachers, who will lead you or your children through individualised sessions.

The Great Advantages of Learning Quran Online

One of the great advantages of learning Quran online is that you have access to the best teachers from the USA, Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, instead of being limited to the small pool of teachers in your local area.To assist students learning Tajweed and Arabic who are not fluent in Arabic, we have teachers who are excellent in English, Arabic, and Urdu. Students of all ages can learn the Quran, Basic Tajweed, Arabic, Qirat, Ijazah, and Memorization from us.And even while there are numerous advantages to learning when still a youngster, it is never too late to begin embracing the principles of the holy book. It can be learned at any point in your life. Children who enjoy technology will benefit from studying the Quran online, and because it is flexible, it is always possible for them to incorporate their religious studies into their routine.


What we are teaching ?

Online Quran Recitation

Become an eloquent reader of the Quran by learning any of the ten Qiraat styles and Tajweed rules. Find motivated and certified Quran scholars from Online Quran Academy.

Online Tafseer Course

Al Qirat Online Quran Academy has experienced Quran teachers to teach Muslims all across the USA. The word Tafseer relates to ‘’learning the meanings of words’’. It develops a better.

Online Quran Learning

Al Qirat Online Quran Academy provides a flexible, secure, and convenient platform for online Quran learning to kids at home with friendly communication mode and expert scholars.

Al Qirat Online Quran Academy

We have a team of enthusiastic, dedicated, and experienced Islamic scholars who graduated from renowned institutes to provide high-quality online Quran learning facilities.

Online Quran Memorization

Start online memorization of the Quran in a preferable Qiraat style. The teachers introduce simple and effective tips to memorize the Quran for lifetime.

Online Quran Reading

Read the Quran online by applying Tajweed rules eloquently. The experienced teachers focus on minute details.

Online Quran Classes

We conduct one-to-one online Quran classes under the supervision of experienced polymaths to identify the short-comings of individual students.

Female Quran Tutor

Al Qirat Online Quran Academy has competent, professional, and expert female Quran teachers to teach Quran to our sisters and daughters in a comfortable environment.

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