How to delete the Instagram account permanently and save your data in 2023

How to delete the Instagram account permanently


Instagram is a popular social media platform that plays a significant role in social media marketing. With its visually focused nature, businesses can leverage Instagram to showcase products, engage with their target audience, and build brand awareness. The platform’s features, such as Stories, hashtags, and influencers, make it an effective tool for marketing campaigns. You can confidently handle the process of deleting your Instagram account while conserving your priceless material and ensuring a smooth transition into a post-Instagram digital environment by adhering to the instructions and suggestions provided in this article.

Understanding the Importance of Account Deletion

Understanding the justifications for such a choice is essential before moving forward with the deletion of your Instagram account. Following are a few typical reasons for account deletion:

  • Privacy concerns: Users might desire to reduce their internet footprint and safeguard their personal information.
  • Digital detox: social media detoxification can enhance mental health and productivity.
  • Shifting priorities: Users can discover that they desire to explore other facets of life or other social sites.

It’s crucial to understand that deleting your Instagram account is the last action. Your profile, pictures, videos, comments, Instagram stories views, and followers will all be permanently deleted if you terminate your account.

Data Backup and Downloading Your Instagram Data

To protect your memories, it is advised that you back up your data before canceling your account. All of your data, including your photographs, videos, direct messages, and profile details, can be downloaded from Instagram. How to retrieve your Instagram data is as follows:

  1. Go to Instagram and log in.
  2. Go to the “Profile Settings” tab, and then choose “Privacy and Security.”
  3. Go down the page and click “Request Download.”
  4. If you provide your email address, Instagram will send you a link to get your data.

Even after canceling your Instagram account, you can retain a duplicate of your interactions and posts by downloading your Instagram data.

Deactivating your account temporarily

You have the option to temporarily deactivate your account if you’re not quite ready for permanent deletion but still want to take a vacation from Instagram. As a result, you can leave the site without losing your followers, profile, or data. Instagram account temporary inactivation instructions:

  1. Go to Instagram and log in.
  2. Navigate to your profile settings and select “Edit Profile.”
  3. Continually scroll down and select “Temporarily disable my account.”
  4. To deactivate your account, adhere to the instructions.

Your profile will be hidden, and your materials will not be accessible to other users during the deactivation time. By logging in to Instagram again, you may always reactivate your account.

Steps to permanently delete an Instagram account

If you’ve decided to permanently delete your Instagram account, you may have a question about how to delete the account on Instagram.

Take the following actions:

  1. Go to the Instagram account deactivation page by opening a web browser.
  2. By using your username and password, you can access your account.
  3. Choose a justification for the deletion of your account from the list of possibilities.
  4. Enter your password again to confirm the deletion’s permanence.
  5. Simply select “Permanently delete my account.”

Your Instagram account will be permanently wiped once you finish these procedures, including all related data. It’s critical to remember that this procedure cannot be stopped, so give your choice great thought.

Ensuring account security and privacy

It’s crucial to take a few extra precautions to safeguard your account’s security and protect your privacy before canceling your Instagram account.

  1. Removing access to third-party apps: Look through the list of programs that are connected to your Instagram account and remove any that you no longer use or believe in. This stops outside apps from accessing your personal data.
  2. Check the list of devices connected to your Instagram account, as well as any ongoing sessions. If you come up with any strange devices, log them out right away and change the password. Review your active sessions as well, and close any questionable ones.
  3. Before permanently deleting your account, think about modifying your privacy settings to limit who may see your posts and articles and send you messages. You have the option of making your account private or limiting certain user behaviors.

By taking these security and privacy precautions, you can be sure that even when you delete your Instagram account, your personal information will always be safeguarded.

Alternatives to Deleting Your Account

If you wish to lessen your Instagram viewer presence but aren’t ready to remove your account altogether, take into account the following options:

  1. Disable your account momentarily: This choice lets you leave Instagram without deleting your account altogether. Your profile and content will be hidden while your account is temporarily disabled, pending the reactivation of Instagram account.
  2. Restrict or limit the visibility of your account: Instagram has a number of privacy options that let you decide who can see your posts, stories, and messages. You may guarantee a more private experience without deactivating your account by personalizing these options.

These options provide you flexibility if you don’t want to be completely gone from Instagram but still want a diminished presence.


In conclusion, it takes careful thought and the right procedures to permanently delete your Instagram account in 2023. Before continuing, take the time to preserve any crucial data. Keep in mind that all of your photographs, videos, comments, and followers will be permanently destroyed if your account is terminated. Before confirming, make sure to read and comprehend the effects of this choice. Follow Instagram’s instructions to successfully delete your account if you’re sure about your decision. Say goodbye to Instagram and welcome new digital experiences that match your tastes and ambitions.


After I delete my Instagram account completely, can I reinstate it?

No, once your account has been removed, it cannot be reinstated because the deletion process is irreversible. Before moving forward, be sure you’re certain about your choice.

Will deleting my Instagram account also destroy my content on other social media sites?

No, doing so just removes your content from the Instagram platform, not your Instagram account. Your device and any other platforms where you have shared your pictures and videos will still have them.

After deleting my Instagram account, is it possible to recover my data?

You cannot retrieve your data after your account has been deleted, which is unfortunate. Before you start the deletion, download and save your data.

How to delete an Instagram account

The above article has complete details. An Instagram account can be immediately deleted. Your account and all related data will be permanently deleted after you confirm the deletion.

Is it possible to view Instagram stories secretly?

No, the person will not be informed that you have seen their Instagram story when you view one. There is no anonymous story viewing option on Instagram. where the viewer’s Instagram story view

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