Instagram Reels vs. TikTok For Business: Which is Best?


As social media continues to evolve, businesses are constantly faced with the task of determining which platforms best serve their promotional goals. Two of the latest contenders in this digital arena are Instagram Reels and TikTok. Both have garnered significant attention for their engaging, short-form video content, and both offer unique opportunities for businesses to connect with audiences in new and creative ways.

Why Use Instagram Reels and TikTok?

Instagram Reels and TikTok are revolutionizing the way businesses connect with their target audiences. The short, catchy videos that these platforms specialize in are easy to consume and share, making them a powerful tool for brand visibility and engagement. This form of content is particularly popular with younger audiences, who appreciate its succinct, creative, and often humorous nature. 

What Is Short-Form Video Content Marketing?

Short-form video content marketing refers to the strategic use of brief, engaging videos, usually less than one minute in length, to promote brands, products, or services. This marketing approach leverages the power of visual storytelling to capture the audience’s attention quickly, convey a message within the viewer’s short attention span, and encourage social sharing. 

TikTok Marketing Strategy: How To Use TikTok for Business

When it comes to leveraging TikTok for business promotion, there are several strategies businesses can adopt. To start with, creating original content is crucial. TikTok is a platform that thrives on creativity, and its users appreciate original, authentic content. Businesses should strive to create fun, engaging videos that resonate with their target audience.

Instagram Reels Marketing Strategy: How To Use Instagram Reels for Business

Just like TikTok, Instagram Reels also offers a fertile ground for business promotion. To effectively harness the power of Instagram Reels for your business, you’ll need to adopt a few key strategies. Firstly, making use of Instagram’s native features is a must. This includes stickers, filters, and effects which can add a playful or polished touch to your content depending on your brand image.

Creative Instagram Reels and TikTok Video Ideas for Businesses

The successful utilization of both Instagram Reels and TikTok for business promotion calls for creativity and innovation. Here are some inspiring video content ideas to help businesses stand out on these platforms.

  1. Behind-the-Scenes Clips: Show your followers what happens behind the curtain. This could be anything from the production process, office culture to how your products are packaged.
  2. Product Launches/Showcase: Create suspense and excitement by using these platforms for revealing new products or services. You can also showcase your products’ unique features in an engaging way.
  3. User-Generated Content: Encourage your customers to create videos using your products and feature them on your business account. This not only creates engagement but also builds trust with potential customers.
  4. Educational Content: Share short tutorials or how-to guides related to your products or services. This is a great way to provide value to your followers.
  5. Challenge or Trend Participation: Participate in trending challenges or create your own. It’s a fun way to engage with the community and increase visibility.
  6. Testimonials: Share video reviews or testimonials from satisfied customers. Genuine reviews from real customers can significantly boost your credibility.
  7. Q&A Sessions: Host a Q&A session to answer frequently asked questions about your business, products or services. This is an excellent way to connect with your audience and build a rapport.
  1. Influencer Takeovers: Invite an influencer to take over your account for a day. They can share about their day, provide a review of your product, or share some tips and tricks about using your product. This not only helps in reaching a new audience but also adds a fresh perspective to your content.
  2. Employee Spotlight: Highlight your team members and what they do. This personal approach helps humanize your brand and shows the audience the faces behind the brand.
  3. CSR Initiatives: Showcase your business’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. Share videos of your team participating in local community service events, or explain how your products or services are environmentally-friendly.
  4. Time-lapse Videos: Post a time-lapse video of a product being made, an event being set up, or the day in the life at your business. It’s a creative and visually appealing way to show the audience what goes on behind the scenes.
  5. Contests and Giveaways: Announce contests or giveaways in a fun, exciting video. This not only engages your current followers but can also help attract new ones.

Boost Your Business with Thrive’s Instagram and TikTok Marketing Agency

To truly maximize your business’s potential on Instagram Reels and TikTok, consider partnering with Thrive’s dedicated marketing agency specialized in these influential platforms. Our team of expert marketers will guide you in honing your brand’s online presence, creating engaging video content, and optimizing your social media strategy.

TikTok vs. Instagram Reels: What’s the Difference?

While TikTok and Instagram Reels may appear similar, they offer different user experiences and features. TikTok focuses on entertainment, with an effective algorithm for content discovery. In contrast, Instagram Reels is a feature within Instagram, allowing businesses to extend their content beyond photos and long-form videos. TikTok offers more editing tools and flexible video length, while Instagram Reels is more restrictive. 

Tracking Analytics on TikTok

To measure the effectiveness of your content on TikTok, it’s essential to understand how to leverage the platform’s analytics. Here are the steps to access and interpret TikTok analytics:

Upgrade to a Pro Account: Firstly, you’ll need to switch to a Pro Account to gain access to TikTok’s analytics. You can do this by visiting your profile page, tapping on the three dots in the top-right corner, selecting “Manage account,” and then choosing “Switch to Pro Account.”

Access Analytics: Once you’ve upgraded, you can access analytics by going to your profile page, tapping the three dots in the top-right corner again, and selecting “Analytics.”

Overview: The “Overview” tab offers a snapshot of your profile’s performance, showing data on video views, followers, and profile views over the past 7 or 28 days.

Content: The “Content” tab displays analytics related to your posted videos and trending videos. Here you can track the performance of individual video posts, view average watch time, and gauge audience interaction.

Followers: The “Followers” tab provides demographic information about your followers, including their gender distribution, top territories, follower activity, and videos your followers watched.

Track Engagement: Pay attention to your likes, shares, comments, and the total time watched to assess content performance and engagement.

Analyze and Adapt: Use the insights gained from the analytics to inform your content strategy. Note what types of content resonate best with your audience and strive to produce more of it.

Protect your privacy

Protect your privacy by using strong, unique passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and regularly updating security settings. Be cautious while sharing personal information online, limit data exposure, and stay informed about privacy policies on websites and apps.

Tracking Analytics on Instagram

To measure the effectiveness of your content on Instagram, it’s crucial to understand how to utilize Instagram’s inbuilt analytics, also known as Insights. Here are the steps to access and interpret Instagram Insights:

  1. Switch to a Business Account: To access Instagram Insights, you’ll need a Business or Creator Account. You can switch by going to your profile settings, selecting “Account” and then “Switch to Professional Account.”
  2. Access Insights: Once you’ve switched, you can access Insights by tapping the menu icon on the top right of your profile, then selecting “Insights.”
  3. Activity Tab: The “Activity” tab provides information about the actions taken on your account. It shows data related to profile interactions like website taps, call taps, email taps, and get directions taps.
  4. Content Tab: The “Content” tab displays analytics related to your posts, stories, and promotions. It provides data on reach, impressions, and engagement.
  5. Audience Tab: The “Audience” tab provides insight into your followers, including their age, gender, location, and the times they are most active on Instagram.
  6. Engagement Metrics: Monitor the likes, comments, saves, and shares your posts receive to evaluate content performance and engagement.
  7. Analyze and Adapt: Use the insights gained from Instagram analytics to inform your content and posting strategy. Identify the types of content that your audience interacts with the most and aim to create more of it.


Social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels offer businesses a valuable avenue to reach and engage with their target audience. However, to harness these platforms’ full potential, it’s crucial to understand their unique functionalities, audience demographics, and analytics tools. By effectively leveraging these insights, businesses can create engaging content that resonates with their audience, foster brand awareness, and drive conversions. Partnering with a specialized marketing agency like Thrive can help streamline this process, ensuring your social media strategy is data-driven, tailored to your unique business needs, and primed for success.


  1. What is the key difference between TikTok and Instagram Reels?

TikTok is a stand-alone platform specializing in short, creative videos and is known for its powerful content discovery algorithm. Instagram Reels, on the other hand, is a feature within Instagram that allows users to create short videos in addition to photos and long-form videos.

  1. How can I access analytics on TikTok?

To access TikTok’s analytics, you need to upgrade to a Pro Account. Once upgraded, you can find the analytics section in your profile settings. The analytics cover data on video views, followers, and profile views, as well as your posted videos, trending videos, and demographic information about your followers.

  1. How can I switch to a Business Account on Instagram?

You can switch to a Business Account on Instagram by going to your profile settings, selecting “Account,” and then choosing “Switch to Professional Account.”

  1. What type of analytics can I access on Instagram?

Instagram offers inbuilt analytics called Insights for Business or Creator Accounts. These Insights provide data related to profile interactions, post reach, impressions, engagement.

How can a specialized marketing agency help with my social media strategy?

A specialized marketing agency like Thrive can help you create a tailored, data-driven social media strategy. They can help you understand the unique functionalities of different platforms, use analytics to inform your content strategy.

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