Top 20 Popular Social Media Platforms of 2024

In 2024, every seasoned social media marketer and business owner must recognize the enormous power of the top social networking site. To leverage this platform effectively for social media marketing, one must craft a precise social media marketing strategy that allows them to maximize brand reach and engage with the right people. With a total number of users across various social media apps, choosing the right fit for your brand is crucial. Some platforms are already popular, while others may sound new.

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1. Facebook — 3.05 billion MAUs

Facebook stands as the largest social networking site globally, connecting over 3 billion people monthly, as reported by Statista. This constitutes a remarkable 37 percent of the world’s population. With 931 million monthly active users on its direct messaging spin-off app, Facebook Messenger, and a staggering 200 million businesses actively leveraging Facebook tools, it serves as an influential platform for both individuals and small businesses to actively promote their presence on social media.

Utilizing various content formats like text, images, and video content, including Stories, the algorithm prioritizes and sparks conversations, fostering meaningful interactions among family and friends. Whether you’re looking to learn more about Facebook marketing or just starting to get started on the platform, the guide provided helps in measuring results effectively.

2. WhatsApp — 2.78 billion MAUs

WhatsApp Business, launched in 2018, has rapidly become a popular choice for small and enterprise businesses worldwide. With over 200 million monthly active users as of June 2023, this messaging platform is widely used as a business channel for customer support, updates, and purchases. According to Statista, it has become an essential tool for connecting with people across different countries. Many businesses showcase their WhatsApp Business user success stories, emphasizing its effectiveness as a communication and marketing tool.

3. YouTube — 2.49 billion MAUs

YouTube is undeniably one of the top 10 popular social media platforms in 2024, making it an essential tool for those looking to promote their business. To get started, you should create a YouTube channel for your brand. This platform can significantly help your videos get discovered by more people, and I highly recommend reading up on SEO and considering advertising to increase your reach. If you want to leverage the power of video in your marketing strategy, YouTube is where you need to be.

4. Instagram — 2.04 billion MAUs

In 2024, ChatGPT remains an influential player in the realm of top social networking sites, facilitating seamless communication and connection. Meanwhile, Instagram continues to reign as a leading visual social networking platform, providing a dynamic space for showcasing diverse products and services through captivating photos, engaging videos, and innovative features like Stories, Reels, and Live videos. With an Instagram business profile, brands gain access to invaluable analytics to optimize their content strategy, from profile to individual posts.

5. WeChat — 1.32 billion MAUs

As the top social networking site in China and various parts of Asia, WeChat serves as a valuable tool for brands seeking exposure in a region where major platforms like Facebook are inaccessible. In the absence of other mainstream options, leveraging WeChat allows businesses to advertise on official accounts and WeChat Moments, tapping into a vast audience. Additionally, collaborating with WeChat influencers provides an effective strategy to connect with millions of Chinese consumers and elevate brand visibility.

6. TikTok — 1.22 billion MAUs

In 2017, TikTok, also known as Douyin, burst onto the scene as a revolutionary short-form video-sharing app. Since then, it has become one of the fastest-growing apps in the world, even surpassing Google as the most visited internet site. The platform allows users to effortlessly create and share videos ranging from 15 seconds to 10 minutes long, featuring a vast catalog of sound effects, music snippets, and filters to enhance creativity.

Whether it’s lip-syncs, dancing, challenges, or DIY tricks, TikTok caters to all interests, making it a great social media platform for the younger demographic, with 47.4 percent of users in the U.S. falling between the ages of 10 and 29 – a prime target for businesses looking to engage with a dynamic audience.

7. Telegram — 800 million MAUs

Telegram is a free messaging app that stands out for its unique features. Unlike its competitor, WhatsApp, Telegram allows users to chat on multiple devices with no limits on media sizes. The platform ensures end-to-end encryption for the security of user activities, chats, and groups. With the ability to accommodate up to 200,000 people in a group, Telegram prioritizes user privacy with a robust policy that separates it from the controversial practices of its parent company, Meta. Over the years, Telegram has gained the trust of millions of customers by prioritizing security and providing features like the channel feature, enabling broadcast messages and enhancing user engagement.

8. Snapchat — 750 million MAUs

Snapchat has emerged as one of the top social networking sites by captivating users with its focus on short videos and ephemeral snaps. The app’s unique vertical video format sets it apart in the realm of visual social media apps, gaining traction among U.S. teens and becoming a staple for connecting with friends. While it faced competition from rivals like Instagram and TikTok, the introduction of Instagram Stories somewhat hindered Snapchat’s growth. Marketers are keenly observing the rise in popularity, with brands recognizing the potential to reach their target audience of teenagers on this engaging platform.

9. Kuaishou — 673 million MAUs

Kuaishou, a Chinese social networking platform, has emerged as one of the strong competitors to Douyin and TikTok. Known for its unique features like overlay text, stickers, and the ability to record longer videos, Kuaishou attracts a diverse user base. Unlike TikTok, it is particularly popular among an older audience and has gained significant traction in rural parts of China.

10. X (formerly Twitter) — 666 million MAUs

Twitter has evolved beyond a mere social networking site, becoming a dynamic platform for real-time news, entertainment, sports, and politics updates. With a vast audience, the 280-character limit fosters succinct yet impactful communication. The platform’s global reach ensures diverse content, including trends from Japanese, Korean, and Chinese influencers. Not only a space for personal expression, but Twitter has also become an essential channel for brands to engage with their audience, often serving as an alternate customer service avenue for quick problem resolution. 

11. Sina Weibo — 599 million MAUs

In 2009, the Chinese technology company, Sina Corporation, introduced Weibo, a prominent micro-blog platform often likened to a hybrid of Twitter and Instagram. Weibo allows users to share a variety of content such as images, videos, and stories, contributing to the platform’s status as a hub for trending topics and popular hashtags. With features resembling instant messaging, Weibo competes with platforms like WeChat and has gained significant traction among the younger demographic. Businesses leverage Weibo for promoting informational content.

12. QQ — 571 million MAUs

WeChat, launched by Tencent in China in 1999, has become the number one Chinese messaging app. With instant messaging features, it enables users to do much more than just chat. You can decorate avatars, watch movies, play online games, stream music, shop online, blog, and even make payments. It’s the market leader among younger social media users, with a presence in 80 countries and available in many other languages. The desktop version adds to its upsides, allowing users to access the platform without the need for a phone number. 

13. QQ — 558 million MAUs

Tencent’s China-based app, QQ, is a multifunctional platform that goes beyond typical social networking. It offers a blend of blogging, multimedia, and gaming. Users can share their thoughts through diaries and blogs, play games, and even stream music. Comparable to Facebook, QQ allows individuals to connect with friends, share updates, and interact through comments and reactions. However, despite its diverse features, the app has seen a slight decline in monthly active users (MAUs) from 574 million in 2022 to 558 million in 2023.

14. Pinterest — 465 million MAUs

Pinterest is a one-stop shop for users seeking inspiration and discovering new products and ideas. Users can pin photos and link them to websites, product pages, or blog posts, creating a diverse range of content on the internet. As a great platform for driving traffic to a website, businesses highly consider Pinterest marketing to gain exposure. With Pinterest’s user base being seven times more likely to purchase products they’ve pinned, it has become a popular social platform across various industries, including fashion, beauty, home, garden, and DIY.

15. Reddit — 430 million MAUs

In April 2023, as I made my routine Reddit visits, the front page was a fascinating mix of current events and unexpected surprises. From celebrity AMA events to niche topics, the internet’s melting pot was alive with discussions. It showcased the unique charm of Reddit, where one could find a diverse range of topics, blending seamlessly into a captivating online experience.

16. LinkedIn — 424 million MAUs

To navigate the competitive landscape of social media platforms in 2024, a written, simple approach on LinkedIn is crucial. Engaging with industry experts, sharing relevant content, and fostering a robust network enhances your personal brand and attracts attention from businesses seeking top talent. By strategically using the five-step strategy for a compelling LinkedIn Business Page, companies can harness the platform’s full potential, utilizing not only its vast user base but also taking advantage of the advertising opportunities to reach a wider audience and propel their growth on this top social networking site.

17. Quora — 300 million MAUs

Quora is a popular community-based Q&A platform, accessible through its website or app, where users can share and seek information on a myriad of topics. The platform encourages users to ask questions and provide answers, with the content being user-ranked based on votes, views, and reviews. For businesses, Quora offers the opportunity to create a dedicated page to showcase their brand and leverage their employees as advocates. This can be a valuable space to answer queries about their products and services, effectively engaging with the community and boosting brand credibility.

18. Discord — 154 million MAUs

Discord has become the top social networking site for gamers and various communities. Its communication platform offers both voice chat and text chat in real-time, making it a popular choice due to its ease of use and customizable features. The platform’s compatibility across different devices has contributed to its widespread adoption, fostering an expanded network of gaming communities, businesses, and educational institutions.

19. Twitch — 140 million MAUs

Twitch is the top social networking site for gamers and enthusiasts alike. As a leading live-streaming platform, it brings together a vast community of users who engage with diverse video game content. Gamers can easily create their own channels to stream their gameplay, fostering a dynamic central hub for the gaming and esports world. The platform’s interactive features, including live chat, allow creators to directly engage with their audience, making it a unique and vibrant space for entertainment.

20. Tumblr — 135 million MAUs

In 2024, Tumblr remains a top social networking site among the most popular social media platforms. With over 135 million monthly active users, this microblogging platform allows users to share content in various formats, including text, photos, videos, GIFs, audio clips, and links. Catering to users with diverse interests, Tumblr serves as a dynamic space where individuals can explore and engage with content across every topic and niche.


In conclusion, the impact of top social networking sites on our lives is undeniable. These platforms have revolutionized communication, connecting people across the globe. The influence of top social networking sites extends beyond personal interactions, shaping cultural trends, and even impacting political landscapes.

Common Question of Social Media

Which social media will grow in future?

Platforms like TikTok, YouTube and Instagram have created opportunities for creators to monetize their content and build their own mini-business empires. Recent research suggests that there are now over 50 million content creators worldwide. And that number is just going to keep growing!

What is the future social?

Future Social is a Morning Brew newsletter from Jack Appleby, a social strategist with 10+ years experience working with brands like Beats By Dre, Microsoft, Verizon, Twitch, and more. Each week, he breaks down social media + creator strategies for you to apply at work.

What is the most used social media per year?

The most used social media platform in the world is Facebook, with 2.9 million monthly active users across the world. Facebook’s reign continues into 2023, but it doesn’t stand alone.

What’s the future of Instagram?

Based on our 10 Instagram predictions for 2022, we can expect a visible metamorphosis. The platform is already seizing momentum and plans to mix social media with a new visual shopping experience, video content, marketing analytics, and a standalone advertising channel.

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